Atis Jākobsons


Atis Jākobsons currently lives and works in Riga and Berlin. Since graduating with a master's degree in Painting from the Art Academy of Latvia in 2010, his creative practice has been based on painting traditions, however over the past five years Jākobsons has experimented with other media and art forms – charcoal drawings, sculptures, ceramics,installations and sound. His current practice is deeply related to the study of spiritual heritage and archetypes in contemporary Western cultures, while also addressing the myths and mystics of the Far and Middle East. Striving to achieve an absolute form – original mood and representation of an idea, Atis Jākobsons intellectually balances between personal and objective depiction. Re-nominated for Purvītis Award in 2012 and 2015.

Context (MA POST)
Composition II (Painting Department)
Painting BA2 (Stage Design Department)
Painting BA2 (Visual Communication Department , Motion. Image. Sound Department)