Ph.D. Pinar Kaygan

LMDA senior researcher

Pınar Kaygan is a senior researcher at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Design and Architecture. After working as an industrial designer in industry, she received her PhD in Sociology at the University of Sheffield. She is an experienced qualitative researcher, who focuses on gender and technology relations in design, interdisciplinary design collaborations, social impact of design on users, and designers in professional contexts. She has published numerous journal articles on design profession and education in prominent journals such as The Design Journal, Design and Culture, International Journal of Technology and Design Education, and Journal of Gender Studies. Previously she was Associate Professor at Middle East Technical University, Department of Industrial Design, where she was the principal investigator of the research project “Improving the Design of Public Transport Based on Women’s Experiences in Turkey”. She taught several courses at undergraduate and graduate levels in the UK, Turkey and Denmark, and has extensive thesis supervision experience. As a design educator, she has coordinated, supervised and published on several projects with an interest in industry and community involvement in design education, interdisciplinary collaboration for solving complex design problems, design thinking, design management, and reflexive and creative writing for designers. She takes part in the editorial team of Design and Culture in the role of Associate Editor.