Bachelor's program

The Academic Bachelor's study program "Art" (43211, 43213, 43214) is executed at the Art Academy of Latvia in Riga and at the Latgale branch of AAL in Rēzekne.

  • The Bachelor's study program was accredited on January 17, 2024, for 6 years, until January 18, 2030.
  • Lenght of the program: 4 year full time studies






The title, length and the general structure of the Bachelor's study program of the Art Academy of Latvia are determined by the decision of the Senate of the Art Academy of Latvia and approved in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory enactments.

Completed bachelor's studies are confirmed by the Bachelor's diploma and diploma attachement, which gives the right to apply for continuation of studies in the second-cycle (master's) higher education programs.

The main goal of AAL bachelor's studies is to create prerequisites for studies, research and professional activity in the art industry, as well as to provide a set of knowledge, skills and competence in accordance with the level 6 knowledge, skills and competence of the Latvian educational classification framework.

The content of the bachelor's study program ensures the achievement of scientifically based wide-profile study results. The content of the bachelor's study program is organised in such a way as to ensure a thorough acquisition of the general principles of expression in art branches knowledge and skills in drawing, painting, prefiguration - the academic foundations of art, which provide prerequisites for research and creativity in art industries, as well as the opportunity to specialise in a certain sub-branch es of art and master the basic skills of the professional experience, to learn the theoretical foundations of the branches, creating the opportunity to continue education in the master's higher education programs.

The content of AAL's bachelor studies is organised within the framework of art branch programs, which include sub-branch (also specialisation) programs, in accordance with the decision of the AAL Senate. The implementation and development of the programs of the respective branches and sub-branches are the responsibility of the faculties of AAL and the departments included in them.

Content of the bachelor's study program is expressed in credit points, in accordance with the procedures established by the state. Each program has a certain structure of study subjects, which is common to all sub-departments of faculties.

Each subject or the group of subjects has a certain amount of credit points. In the last semester of the bachelor's program, a bachelor's thesis is developed, the regulations for its development are determined by the Rules for the development and submission of the theoretical part of the final thesis of the Art Academy of Latvia. The bachelor thesis is evaluated in accordance with the procedure approved by the Senate.

The subjects of the bachelor's study program are divided into mandatory, compulsory elective and free elective study subject blocks.

Compulsory subjects include those study subjects or groups of subjects that make up the essential content of the relevant branch and sub-branch.

In the elective part, student has the right to register and include in the grade transcript the study results obtained during the studies in other sub-fields of the AAL bachelor's programs, according to the credit points of those programs, as well as in other universities of Latvia or abroad.

Art Academy of Latvia has signed cooperation agreements with the Latvian Academy of Culture and the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music for the study of free elective study subjects.