It is time to combine independent thought and creation processes to overcome social isolation and to reflect on current changes in social conditions. We can reclaim space from being overwhelmed by temporary structures. Let's use analog and digital genres, materials and techniques to enter into exchange and to minimize travel.

In this spirit, we are launching our project STAY INSIDE - SEND OUT today as part of the EU4ART Alliance.

We want to hear from as many students and members of the alliance academies in Budapest, Dresden, Rome and Riga as possible using small formats to communicate about the current situation.

Everyone who wants to participate:

  • Should design one DIN A5 postcard in any technique (also digital)
  • Must submit their postcard in digital form (eu4art @ hfbk-dresden . de) or by post (EU4ART, Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, Brühlsche Terrasse 1 /D- 01067 Dresden).

If you cannot send your postcard due to the Corona-situation in your city, please send a picture of your postcard to: . Please be careful to pack your artwork safely and also adhere to the A5 format limit.

The deadline for entries is 30 May 2020.

We will first publish the submissions on Instagram and Facebook.

For the later planned exhibitions in all four academies, we have the rule: "No jury - no fee - no return". This means that all submitted works will be exhibited, partipating students will not receive any payment for their participation, and works submitted by post will not be returned.