9-26/01/2020 EXHIBITION "(not) THE ARTIST'S STORY"

January 9th - 26th, 2020
Art Academy of Latvia / The Great Hall
Address: Kalpaka boulevard 13, Riga

Grand opening will take place on January 8th, 18:00 o’clock

The exhibition “(not) THE ARTIST'S story” created by the 4th year students of Art History and Theory sub-program will be available for viewing in the Great Hall of the Art Academy of Latvia from January 9th until 26th, 2020. This exhibition was created as a part of the Art History study course led by Dr. art. Andris Teikmanis and will be dedicated to revealing different artists’ paths towards recognition, with or without the diploma of higher education.

“(not) THE ARTIST'S story” deals with philosophical questions - at which point does the creator of an art piece turns into an artist?  How important is the role of an educational institution like the Art Academy of Latvia in the actual emergence of an artist? Is a painter without a diploma an artist or just an amateur, even though talented at times? Some might consider these questions uncomfortable. We aim at not avoiding the diversity of views as well as the exposure of  problematic situations.

This exhibition will represent a slightly different angle on the evolution of creative work of a wide array of artists, like Agnese Bule, Valdis Bušs, Biruta Delle, Miķelis Fišers, Leo Kokle, Andrejs Krūmiņš, Arnolds Mazīšs, Jānis Pauļuks, Oto Pladers, Juris Pudāns, Vilnis Raudseps, Maija Tabaka, Visvaldis Ziediņš, Arturs Jūrasteters and Oskars Norītis. This is a story of hardships as well as the fight for yourself and your own art. It showcases their art pieces starting from study years up until the moment of getting recognised under the title of an “artist”.

Questions that might never get a unanimous answer will provoke thinking and discussing about the advantages and disadvantages of the existing arts education system. Therefore throughout the exhibition the organizers will offer excursions, creative workshops and discussion with actors of the current Latvian art scene. Information about the dates and time will be available in the Facebook page and on the homepage of Art Academy of Latvia.

Supported by: Art Academy of Latvia, Riga City Council, “Novum Riga Charitable Foundation”, Arts education centre “Trīs krāsas”, Latvian National Museum of Art, Museum of the Artists' Union of Latvia (LMS Museum), ZUZEUM, Bulduri Exhibition House.

Authors of the concept: 4th year students of Art History and Theory sub-program in the Art Academy of Latvia

Design: Ansis Rozentāls

Stage design: Andris Kaļiņins