On March 30th at 18:00, contemporary art space TUR_telpa, in Tallinas ielas Kvartāls, will open the third exhibition in the series “From the Cold into the Light.” In his exhibition "Sheet on Sheet” artist Maija Kurševa will present new work made especially for TUR_telpa.

Maija Kurševa's exhibition "Sheet on Sheet” will be the third and last in TUR_telpa's winter series of exhibitions “From the Cold into the Light.” Kurševas' exhibition "Sheet On Sheet" consists of 300 drawings made using varnish on semi-transparent tissue paper and an animation loop, created from these drawings. The frame-by-frame animation reveals a sheet of paper swinging in the wind. The gentle movement, calm and soothing, is natural like a breathing rhythm. The foggy materiality of the images creates a sense of lightness and adds to the overall sensory experience. The self-referential artwork's formal aspects are focused on the principle of looping, with arrested time unfolding in a series of separate moments, returning to its starting point, and repeating itself. The frames of animation presented as drawings in space and as a loop on a monitor create a sense of dynamization of space and spatialization of time. "Sheet On Sheet" invites a viewer into a serene and calming environment and offers to contemplate the concept of time, space, and movement.

About the artist: Maija Kurševa is an artist working with a vast range of mediums, often combining them. Her exhibitions over the last few years have included installations, spatial structures, combined with moving images, graphics, drawings and sculptures. The artist’s ideas often revolve around personal contemplations about the process of creation of a work of art, subjecting the space to an idea, by using visually laconic means of expression. Regardless of the extensive use of mediums, drawing has always been at the bedrock of the artist’s ideas, and it also functions as the method of taking notes of thoughts that pop up on a daily basis. Maija Kurševa (1981) graduated with BA (2006) and MA (2008) degrees from the Visual Communication programme of the Art Academy of Latvia. She currently teaches composition and riso printing at the Art Academy of Latvia, Movement.Image.Sound department. In 2017, Kurševa founded the not-for-profit gallery Low, and has acted as the gallery’s programme director (2017-2019). She is also the founder and curator of Riga Zine Festival (2016, 2018) as well as co-founder and project manager of the artist collective Popper Publishing (2012-2018). Kurševa has participated in artist residencies Kai in Tallinn (2020), ISCP in New York (2019), Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris (2019) and Iaspis in Umea (2013). From 2004, she has participated in exhibitions in Latvia and abroad, and notably, was nominated for the Purvītis Prize in 2017 for her work “Joviality.”