One-night comic exhibition "The Thing You Always Wanted to Do" will take place on April 8 at the bookstore 'Bolderāja', Avotu Street 29, Riga. The opening of the exhibition is scheduled for 7 pm.

There are plenty of things we postpone for different reasons. Reasons always are strong, hardly breakable, but jet there is hope! Nine young artists from Dresden, Budapest, and Rome met in Riga and for one day did the thing they always wanted to.
They took their experience as inspiration for a self-published comic book, drew through days and nights, and here they are - nine outstanding handbound comic books with covers printed in lithography.

Who are they and what did they draw about?

Fanni Dallos painted a self-portrait.
Gaetano Matrella made a present for his mom.
Nima Emami didn’t talk for a whole day.
Zita Beke got lost in the city.
Marika Molenari drew people and buildings.
Li Marie Kirnbauer screamed as loud as she could.
Zsofia Thurchanyi took a train to a random destination.
Jascha Wolfram just ate something sweet.
Tekla Orban covered her face in glitter and talked with a bird in a made-up language.

Comic books are done as a part of EU4Art alliance project in the Graphics department of the Art Academy of Latvia. Young artists during the intensive short-term workshop from 28th of March to 8th of April were led by Patrīcija Māra Vilsone, Rūta Briede, Mārtiņs Dziļums, and Sanita Skalbe.

And what are you are postponing?