Eduards Kļaviņš

Senior Researcher of AAL Institute of Art History, Emeritus Professor, Dr. habil. art.

Position: senior researcher
Academic degree: Dr. habil. art.
Born on 23 September 1937 in St. Petersburg.
Working at the Art Academy of Latvia since 1962: senior lecturer (1962–1985), assistant professor (1985–1993), professor (1993–2016), professor emeritus (since 2016), head of the Art History Department (1996–2012), senator (since 1996), head of the Doctoral Studies Board (since 2002). Courses of lectures: “Introduction to Art History”, “Western Art in the Period of Baroque and Rococo”, “Western Art in the 19th Century”, “Western Art in the Late 19th and 20th Century”, “Issues of Contemporary Art Theory”, “Methodological Trends in the 20th Century History of Art”.
Research interests: Latvian and Western art in the 19th and 20th centuries, philosophy of art, methodology of art history.
Education and academic degrees: St. Petersburg Academy of Art, Ilya Repin Institute of Painting Sculpture and Architecture, Faculty of Art History and Theory (1962), candidate’s (now doctoral) degree in art history for the diss. “Latvian Portrait Painting in the Second Half of the 19th Century and in the Early 20th Century” (1977), habilitation in art history for a series of studies “Latvian Portrait Painting at the Turn of Art Epochs. 1850–1940” (1994).