Laura Ozola

Communication and Public Relations Specialist

Laura has completed the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in the subfield of Painting at the Art Academy of Latvia, in Ivars Heinrihsons' master class. In parallel with her studies at the Art Academy of Latvia, Laura also studied law at the Talava Jundža Law College and the Latvian Police Academy, obtaining a professional bachelor's degree in public law and a qualification as a lawyer.

Laura started working at the Art Academy of Latvia in 2008 as the head of the projects and development department. She has led and participated in the implementation of projects funded by both EU structural funds and various other EU programs, as well as local projects. Since 2018, Laura has been the head of public relations at the Art Academy of Latvia.

In parallel with her work at the academy, Laura also engages in creative activities, painting in a pop-art style. She researches and is interested in the language of visual expression in art. Her most significant solo exhibitions took place at the "Māksla XO" gallery in 2007 and in 2012 at the "Mūkusalas Mākslas salons" (now Zuzeum). Laura has also participated in group exhibitions in Latvia and elsewhere in the world.

T. +371 29995067