Stella Pelše

Guest Lecturer, Senior Researcher of AAL Institute of Art History, Dr. art.

Position: senior researcher
Degree: PhD in art history (Dr. art.)
Working at the Institute of Art History since 1993. / Head of the Art History Research Support Foundation, Riga, Latvia. / Co-author and translator of the multi-volume publication “Art History of Latvia”. / Lecturer (“Post-World War II Eastern European Art”) and BA, MA and PhD supervisor at the Art Academy of Latvia. / Expert in the history of art at the Latvian Council of Science.
Research interests: 20th century art and art theory in Latvia.
Other fields of activity: contemporary art criticism, translation of art history and theory texts.
Education: Janis Rozentāls Riga Art School (1983–1990), Art History Department of the Art Academy of Latvia (BA diss. “Changes of space conception in Western painting at the turn of the 20th century”, 1994; MA diss. “Latvian art theory in the period of classical modernism (1920–1925)”, 1996; PhD diss. “History of Latvian art theory: Definitions of art in the context of the prevailing ideas of the time (1900–1940)”, 2004).