Rector and Pro-rectors

The rector is the highest academic official in the Academy. He is in charge of the quality of all the processes in the Academy - academic work, creative work, research. The rector is also responsible for the financial situation of the Academy.

Rector is elected by the Constituent Assembly for a five-year term. One person can hold this post for a maximum of two consecutive terms. Candidates applying for the post have to be professors and hold the best credentials.

Usually periods in history of the Academy are associated with the respective rector as he/she represents the Academy in all its activities. Usually the rectors are also well-known and beloved professional artists.

Rectors and their terms:

  1. Vilhelms Purvītis - founder and first rector of the Art academy of Latvia (1921 - 1934);
  2. Professor Jānis Kuga (1934 - 1940 and 1941 - 1944);
  3. Professor Oto Skulme (1940 - 1941 and 1944 - 1961);
  4. Professor Leo Svemps (1961 - 1974);
  5. Professor Edgars Iltners (1974 - 1975);
  6. Professor Valdis Dišlers (1975 - 1987);
  7. Professor Indulis Zariņš (1988 - 1997);
  8. Professor Jānis Andris Osis (1997 - 2007);
  9. Professor Aleksejs Naumovs (2007-2017);
  10. Professor Kristaps Zariņš (rector since 2017).


Pro-rectors are rectors' deputies taking care of specific questions. Like the rector, pro-rectors are elected for a five-year term. During the rector's absence one of the pro-rectors is taking care of supervising the Academy (according to the regulations).

At the moment there are two pro-rectors at the Academy:

  • Prorector in Creative and Administrative work. His competence is economic activities and creative processes at the Academy. At the moment Prorector in Creative and Administrative work is painter, Professor Andris Vītoliņš.
  • At the moment Prorector in Study Work is Art historian, Director of Graduate Studies Antra  Priede

The specifics of the post can be changed according to situation.