Rector and Pro-rectors

The rector is the highest academic official in the Academy. He is in charge of the quality of all the processes in the Academy - academic work, creative work, research, also responsible for the financial situation of the Academy.

Rector is elected by the Constituent Assembly for a five-year term. One person can hold this post for a maximum of two consecutive terms. Candidates applying for the post have to be professors and hold the best credentials.

Rectors and their terms:

  1. Vilhelms Purvītis - founder and first rector of the Art academy of Latvia (1921 - 1934);
  2. Professor Jānis Kuga (1934 - 1940 and 1941 - 1944);
  3. Professor Oto Skulme (1940 - 1941 and 1944 - 1961);
  4. Professor Leo Svemps (1961 - 1974);
  5. Professor Edgars Iltners (1974 - 1975);
  6. Professor Valdis Dišlers (1975 - 1987);
  7. Professor Indulis Zariņš (1988 - 1997);
  8. Professor Jānis Andris Osis (1997 - 2007);
  9. Professor Aleksejs Naumovs (2007-2017);
  10. Professor Kristaps Zariņš (rector since 2017-present).


Vice-Rectors are rectors' deputies taking care of specific questions. Like the rector, vice-rectors are elected for a five-year term. During the rector's absence one of the vice-rectors is taking care of supervising the Academy (according to the regulations).

Actual vice-rectors at the Academy:

  • Vice-Rector in Creative and Administrative work is painter, Professor Andris Vītoliņš. His competence is economic activities and creative processes at the Academy.
  • Vice-Rector in Study Work is Art historian Antra Priede
  • Vice-Rector for Scientific Work, Head of Doctoral Study Programme, Asoc. Professor Agita Gritāne.

The specifics of the post can be changed according to situation.