International Conference "Cognitive Processes in Architecture and Art", Organized by the Doctoral Department of the Art Academy of Latvia , Riga, June 13-14, 2024

Call for Papers

In order to gain a keener and deeper understanding of the processes of artistic creation both in the past and nowadays, the Doctoral Department of the Art Academy of Latvia invites researchers to its annual international conference to explore the role that cognitive studies can play in facilitating our understanding of artistic creation. As studies of human cognition are interdisciplinary, they are ideally suited for research into the interconnections between artistic creativity and such cognitive phenomena as perception, concept formation, and language. The practices and languages of art and architecture are inextricably interwoven with our embodied apprehension of the lived environment and with the categorical and conceptual frameworks investigated in cognitive psychology and in related cognitive studies.

We invite you to submit proposals for conference papers that explore a wide spectrum of issues involved in the creative activities of artists, architects, and other professionals and that shed light on the intricacies of their motivation and their realization of their projects. Some of the issues we suggest that you engage with in your conference papers are:

  • information processing in the context of artistic creativity;
  • peculiarities of the artist's perception and decision-making;
  • archetypes in artistic creativity;
  • types of knowledge and technical skills needed for artistic creation;
  • figurative memory, artistic expression, and semantic messages;
  • creative problem solving;
  • challenges to individual artistic creativity posed by artificial intelligence;
  • modeling the development of cognitive skills.

We also encourage the participants in the conference to explore the ways in which social, economic, and demographic factors affect an individual’s embodied experience of the lived environment. Another area of research that is of interest to us is the impact of the IT industry and artificial intelligence upon knowledge transfer, including the sharing, borrowing, and imitation of artistic ideas. We also welcome papers which explore insights that cognitive science can provide into moral and ethical issues in relation to artistic creativity.

The annual international conference of the Doctoral Department will be held in 2024 in cooperation with the Institute of Contemporary Art, Design, and Architecture of the Art Academy of Latvia.

Please send your paper proposal of no more than 4,000 characters by February 2, 2024 to e-mail: .