BALTIC ART HISTORIES: roles, references, relations / CALL FOR PAPERS

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, Vilnius 4–5 October 2024

What is singular and what is plural in Baltic art histories? Which questions are raised and how are they solved by art historians? What kind of re- and pre-ferences do art histories make? What are the roles that art histories assume in inter- and cross-disciplinary projects, networks, and every-day realities? What voices do Baltic art histories have locally, regionally, and globally? (Or are they reserved to observing and listening?) How do art histories respond to or shape research policies? What are professional and civic priorities of art historians? These and similar questions usually addressed during breaks of scholarly conferences and sometimes noted in assessments drafts, call for in-depth discussion with an aim at identifying disciplinary roles, bonds, outputs, challenges, expectations, and potentials. Taking this inside-out format, the conference focuses on Baltic art histories as practised and reflected by art historians and invites submissions for 20-minute papers from doctoral students, scholars, curators, academics and researchers. In addition to thematic panels, the conference will hold two round table discussions dedicated to current situation and perspectives of art history.

Please send an abstract (ca. 250 words) and a brief bio to  by 30 April 2024. Selected applicants will be notified by 15 May 2024.

Conference fees: regular 30 euros; doctoral students and young scholars 15 euros.

The conference is organized by Vilnius Academy of Arts in partnership with Art Academy of Latvia and Estonian Academies of Arts and in collaboration with Lithuanian Art Historians Society, Latvian Society of Art Historians and Curators and Estonian Society of Art Historians and Curators. The conference is supported by Research Council of Lithuania.

Art Academy of Latvia participation in the conference is part of the project "CERS" activities.

The project “Cultural and creative ecosystem of Latvia as a resource for resilience and sustainability”/CERS (No. VPP-MM-LKRVA-2023/1-0001) is funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia in the framework of the National Research Programme “Latvian Culture – a Resource for National Development” (2023-2026). The National Research Programme is administered by the Latvian Council of Science.