We are thrilled to announce that tutors and students from the POST MA Program at  Art Academy of Latvia have been invited by to participate in the transformative project, "Cosmos Garden," at the Experimental Station of Research on Art and Life in Silistea Snagovului, near Bucharest.

During this immersive experience, we will have the unique opportunity to engage directly with the challenges and requirements of cultivating a garden that responds to the impacts of climate change, while also embracing local biodiversity and cultural integration.

Our trip aims to test, observe, and showcase innovative models that creatively address crucial themes such as water scarcity, biodiversity preservation, migration of plant and animal species, sustainable food systems, and combatting desertification. The focal point of our exploration will revolve around the topic of "Drought," examining climate resilience and seeking to decolonize our relationship with nature.

Through collaborative exchanges with our partners, we will collectively construct a totem—a captivating ephemeral sculpture—using objects of sentimental value and materials sourced from the nearby forest. This endeavor will enable us to carry forward newfound knowledge and insights into future projects.

POST has long been committed to the exploration of art in context, fostering community engagement among artists, and expanding art education in Eastern Europe. This year, our focus has been centered on climate resilience, the climate justice movement, and the vital role of artists and art in these transformative processes.

This journey and project will strengthen our partnership with and provide us with invaluable knowledge and skills that can only be gained through hands-on experience. We will build upon the integrated understanding of culture and nature that we have gained in Bucharest, seeking inspiration to grow as a collective while upholding sustainable, ecological, and ethical principles. Our aspiration is to embrace models of collective ownership and self-management, following in the footsteps of our friends at the Cosmos Garden and organically integrating diverse communities into our creative process. We look forward to this enriching journey and the possibilities that lie ahead.

The program is co-organized by Corina L. Apostol (Art Academy of Latvia) and Raluca Voinea (

POST is an interdisciplinary master’s specialization which is based on ideas of art in context.The programme seeks to explore and examine how it is possible to study art today, while being simultaneously in Eastern Europe and Northern Europe, a region with different borders characterised by a changing environment and a rich experience regarding the forced use and collapse of global ideologies. Taking into account the cultural, historical and geopolitical contexts and the artistic processes attached to them, we are located in an environment of unique experiences. MA POST can be perceived as an open study space for various ideas and experiments, moving along in the zigzagged relief of practice. is a unique network of civic associations working independently in the field of contemporary art across Romania and the borders of a wider Europe. Its main goal is to support and articulate emancipatory practices, establish connections between culture and society by moving across geographies, generations, and political realms. Founded in 2012 in Iasi, is active in three permanent spaces in Romania (in the cities of Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi), with an additional annual project taking place in Sibiu and numerous national and international collaborations. is based on solidarity and sharing of resources and it maintains its balance through keeping the autonomy of each centre and opening up for collaborations with different organizations.