EXHIBITION: SAVĒJIE | PILOT | 28.07.–13.09.2022

From July 28 to September 13 the Art Academy of Latvia (LMA) experimental art space PILOT is home to the exhibition “SAVĒJIE” (a reference in Latvian for those seen as belonging to one's own group) by LMA students, offering interpretations on the conceptual substance of a nation and highlighting trajectories of implementing nationalism in the culture space of Latvia today.

The exhibition explores nationalism as an ideology and a practice and examines the concept of nation and its meanings in the Latvian society, offering various interpretations on what unites and what divides us, some of them quite uncomfortable. Well aware of this being a politically and emotionally charged subject, we encourage engaging with it with empathy and taking a step towards uncertainty and carefully examining your notions, aiming to create an environment of consideration that is open to coexistence and a polyphony of different voices.

The title of the exhibition plays with the dual nature of nationalism – selectively inclusive and exclusive. What are the criteria for us to define our own belonging to a nation and that of others? What role do collective memory and culture hegemonies play in it? At the same time, the title of the exhibition refers to the perspective of the individual, a view determined by their personal information field – always framed.

Artists are able to capture and visually translate current processes in the society ahead of time, physical, emotional and spiritual conditions among them. Right now, at an acute time in history, as Russia is waging war in Ukraine, capturing and translating these processes is particularly important.

The art on display is expected to stir different emotions and associations in viewers of different generations. The work tells the stories of profoundly personal experiences, searching for belonging in a society full of boundaries both imaginary and very real, with impressions of Soviet culture space still lingering. "SAVĒJIE" draws the viewer into visual storytelling of past events, the current geopolitical situation and the uncertainty of the future. It is an attempt to comprehend and challenge the existing ideas of nationalism, its range of influence, as well as highlight silenced or brand new narratives that come together to create the landscape of our time.

The group exhibition features three brand new pieces by LMA students as well as existing photography, painting and ceramics work created in the 20th and 21st centuries. Participants: Annemarija Ščegoļeva, Arnis Balčus, Egija Damberga, Ieva Stalšene. Also work by Džemma Skulme and Elvīra Pinnis makes an appearance. Curated by Alise Hofmane, graphic design by Sabīne Vernere.

Opening times and location:

Mon–Sat 12.00–18.00, closed on Sundays
July 28 – September 13
LMA experimental art space PILOT
Riharda Vāgnera Street 3, Riga
Entry free of charge

Supported by EU4ART Alliance, LMA, Erasmus+ programme, Riga City Council, Artembassy auction house and Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia.