Addressing the subject of internal independence or spiritual freedom, the exhibition trilogy “Mom I Can Die Myself” has opened with a series of pieces by artist Elīna Semane at the alternative art intersection – bar/bookshop Bolderāja.

The exhibitions will take place until December 11 in the newly created exhibition space of art intersection Bolderāja, with three young artists – Elīna Semane, Ieva Stalšene and Katrīna Ieva – consecutively exhibiting their latest work.

This trilogy of exhibitions aims to ask questions that are not prioritised on an everyday basis, questions that may seem to have been answered long ago, but maybe they haven’t even been truly reflected upon. Is absolute freedom possible? Can we be robbed of spiritual freedom, or is it something each of us can only do to ourselves? How can I know whether I am free?

“The story of this exhibition is a story about the courage to be different, to not fit in. Spiritual freedom, in my opinion, demands rejecting polarity, the ability to accept that nothing is unambiguous, the courage to believe in oneself. I think we should look darkness in the eye and see light in there. I wanted this project to take place in November, because traditionally it is the month of celebrating independence, but to live in a free country we need brave people, internally free people. To get there we need to think about it,” says the curator of the trilogy, artist Ieva Stalšene.

Until November 13 the space is hosting a series of pieces by Elīna Semane, created while researching exactly this subject matter. Her art does not adhere to a single medium, and also in this instance photography and the world of objects coexist side by side. In her work Semane depicts the ambiguous nature of beauty, paying particular attention to the manifestation of spiritual pain. In her creative practice a scream always includes a whisper. In her latest series of work the artist emphasizes self-confrontation as a necessity on the road to spiritual freedom, at the same time reminding that only each of us can take it away ourselves. The author encourages the viewer to look at approaching death as a testimony of life and humanity.

Elīna Semane (1991) is an artist who often addresses subjects that are close to us every day but are uncomfortable, and does so by using provocation as a means of expression to challenge thinking, oftentimes confronting social norms. Her work is characterised by transgressive art aesthetic, frequently complementing the media of photography and installation with music, performance and happening. The artist graduated from Art Academy of Latvia in 2022 with a Master of Arts degree. Has exhibited her work at solo shows and participated in several group shows abroad, including JCE Biennale, Pärnu Photomonth etc. Her work has also been published in publications such as „Latvijas fotogrāfija 2020”, the book „Did You Notice Me”, as well as the literary avant-garde newspaper „Avīzes Nosaukums”. This year Semane was also the organiser of Riga Photomonth festival.  

The exhibition is open from November 3 to 13
Alternative art intersection – bar/bookshop Bolderāja
Located at: Avotu iela 29, Riga