LMDA international symposium “(Building) New Perspectives Through Practice-led Research in Art, Design and Architecture”

Application deadline extended till July 15th, 2022.

The first international symposium “(Building) New Perspectives Through Practice-led Research in Art, Design and Architecture” organised by the Institute of Contemporary Art, Design and Architecture (LMDA) will take place at the Art Academy of Latvia from 9-11 November 2022. Gathering a multifaceted mix of interdisciplinary contributions to practice-led research from art, design and architecture, this symposium asks for abstracts of papers and projects that investigate how distinct perspectives can undermine traditional binary divides – be it the ones established between subject and object, urban and rural, living and non-living, architecture and users, algorithmic governmentality and its ethical dimensions or other binaries we are accustomed to. 

Providing a platform for established or alternative practice-based methodologies, the symposium asks how can research address the need for criticality to ultimately result in a more differentiated discursive landscape, especially in the face of actual emergencies? Among other things, the symposium raises the following questions: Adopting a self-reflective stance – what are the (post)digital and the (post)human frameworks from which we conduct our research? What can be strategies that support the change of mindset needed for critical redirection of a practice, speculating on perspectival changes urgently needed? How do the constellations envisioned by practice-based research in the context of crisis construct meaning and even become political actors through spatial activism?

The aim of the event is to introduce new topics, new approaches and create network of prospective reflections in practice-led research in the disciplines of art, design, architecture and spatial practices. The symposium will be organized in four parts, featuring presentations dedicated to the perspectives of different disciplines – architecture, design and new spatial practices and art. Each of the three main tracks will be introduced by a keynote presentation followed by presentations of speakers invited through an open-call procedure. Additionally, as a fourth part, the symposium will feature a supplementary session DEBATES ON LANDSCAPES AND IDENTITIES held as a part of the State Research Program project “Landscapes of Identities: History, Culture, and Environment” (IDEUM).

The applicants are invited to submit proposals for one of the main three symposium tracks: 

  • Building Assemblies: (post)digital and (post)human frameworks; 
  • (Re)Building the practice: New mindsets and tools; 
  • Building on crisis: emerging spatial practices in times of urgency. 

Scientific and organization committee of the symposium: LMDA senior researcher Dr. Eva Sommeregger (Austria), LMDA senior guest researcher  Dr. Dietmar Köring (Germany), LMDA researchers PhD Liene JākobsoneDina Suhanova and Māra Traumane.

Please find a full description of the symposium and the symposium tracks here

The deadline for submitting abstracts (300 words) is 30 June 2022. To submit the abstract, please email your submission to  with the subject line: “Open Call Building New Perspectives SURNAME_ POSITION TITLE”. Documents must be in MS word format. Please include five keywords, a short biography (80 words maximum) and the track you would like to participate. ​​Applicants will receive confirmation of their participation no later than 30 August.

20 minutes of presentation time will be allocated to each symposium speaker. The working language of the symposium will be English. A peer-reviewed digital and printed publication featuring selected symposium entries will be published in Spring 2023. 

The symposium is organized with the support of the project of the Latvian Council of Science State Research Programme „Landscapes of Identities: History, Culture, and Environment” (IDEUM), No. VPP-LETONIKA-2021/1-0008.

Photo: Mousserons. Autori: Anastasia Kuznetsova, Amirhossein Rezaeicherati, Merlina Stephens Dupeyron; Studija UMI VII, Urban Material Intelligence, 2020. Pasniedzēju komanda: Liss C. Werner, Valmir Kastrati, Zvonko Vugreshek.