Functional Design


Faculty of Design

Duration of Study

Full-time study BA 4-year / MA 2-year


The following specialties can be acquired within the Department of Functional Design:

Functional Design

The Bachelor's program is focused on product design development and implementation, while the Master's program – the intangible design sector i.e., social, communication, process, information, service, and speculative design. Mastering contemporary design involves not only the tangible and visual, but also a set of strategically planned and directed activities that will improve and facilitate the quality of life of the user.

Interior Design

Students learn the basic principles of creating and producing an interior design – from the overall vision and definition of the concept to the acquisition of in-depth technical knowledge. The study process includes both local and international practice and cooperation with the industry. As a result, new interior design professionals acquire a wealth of experience and expertise in technology, and the functional and emotional aspects of space.

Graphic and Packaging Design

Students acquire knowledge and skills to use tools to create meaningful and socially responsible graphic design solutions – communication materials, brand design, packaging design, interactive design, information design. Emerging designers develop their ability to research, think critically, and create a narrative using visual means. Students acquire marketable skills in conceptual design, brand strategy, packaging design, as well as in lettering, composition, visual perception, and other basic principles.

ECTS course catalogue I SEMESTER

Graphic and Packaging Design (BA) 

Interior Design (BA)

Product Design (BA)

Functional Design (MA)


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