Institute of Contemporary Art, design and architecture

Institute of Contemporary Art, Design and Architecture of Art Academy of Latvia (LMDA) was founded in 2021 to ensure the achievement of the strategic goals and performance results of the Academy as a scientific institution in research in the field of humanities and arts.

The main activity of the institute is related to the development of applied and fundamental research in the fields of contemporary art, design and architecture in Latvia and the broader international context.  LMDA plays a vital role in ensuring the exchange of knowledge and ideas on a local and global scale, creating a network of collaboration, actively participating in the study process, educating and involving the academy’s students in scientific and other activities of the institute.

The principal place of work of the scientific research group of the Institute is the Art Academy of Latvia. In cooperation with other institutions and organisations in Europe, the basis is being laid for the further development of research infrastructure for contemporary art, design and architecture and the promotion of competitiveness on a broader scale.

The main tasks of the institute:

- To develop, organise and coordinate scientific research activities of LMDA - to identify and interpret contemporary art, design and architectural phenomena, create an interdisciplinary environment for the synergy of knowledge of cultural, economic, social and technological industries;

- To encourage the formation of identity and belonging by researching and implementing the processes of creating contemporary and high-quality spatial environments;

- Develop new forms of international scientific research collaborations to promote the global integration of contemporary art, design and architecture processes particular of the region;

- To promote an experimental and creative approach to the development of new theories and application of technologies;

- To improve the theoretical thinking of contemporary art, design and architecture, and develop an innovative methodological approach to study AAL priority research topics;

- Publish the results of studies in local and international scientific publications;

- Participate in local and international conferences, seminars, discussions and other dissemination and public education activities.