WORKSHOP 06.04 – 07.04 – 08.04 – 09.04

Aicinām Jūs uz Uti Rathman radošo darbnīcu no 6. marta - 9. martam Latvijas Mākslas akadēmijā otrā stāva gaitenī no plkst. 10:00 līdz 16:00 (laiki var mainīties atkarībā no radošās gaisotnes). Darbnīcas rezultāti tiks prezentēti "MOMENT" vakara noslēgumā.
Ute Rathman - fashion designer
professorship at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee
costume designer at the Theater im Palais, Berlin Unter den Linden.

The aim of this class is for the students to learn how to design a collection made out of twelve pieces and how to illustrate it in an aesthetic but also
legible way. The students will be given three topics to choose from so
that they can decide for themselves wether they prefer to work on a free and
artistical theme or with a more practical approach. They can also decide in
which drawing technique they would like to work, for example the collage-
technique, copic-pens or watercolours.
In the end the collection should be thought through and illustrated well
enough (perhaps even with fabric samples) to form the basis for the
production of the single pieces, if only in theory.

Language in this class : English

Līdzi Ņemamo Lietu Saraksts !!!!

what they need essentially:

- cheap paper for sketches
- pencils of various grades (at least one hard and one soft pencil)
- artists boards in white and/or ivory (size:half sheet, accordingly DIN A 3, at least five sheets)
- one rubber
- some material to color the drawing, for example: watercolours, copic pens, coloured crayons, coloured pens, red chalk...



- maybe hairspray or fixativ, if they use crayons or chalk
- maybe a black fineliner
- maybe indian ink and a pen

if somebody likes to create a collage:

- some fashion magazines
- scissors
- glue